ANAPAT - Formol Gel

Disposable container for surgical specimens
with 35% vol. of formol gel 10%

In pathology laboratories, the
10% formaldehyde solutions are
well known. In fact, they are
often used as the best way to fix
and preserve surgical specimens
or biological tissues for diagnosis.

Also the harmful effects caused
by formaldehyde vapours are
well known, causing eyes and
respiratory system irritation,
headache, nausea, drowsiness.
Formaldehyde vapours have
been classified as carcinogens
by OMS.
To minimize these harmful effects
,we present a new physical
state for formaldehyde solutions:
the formaldehyde gel.

This new and practical formulation keeps all the excellent
properties of formaldehyde as
fixative and is a safer product.

By one hand formaldehyde gel
formulation protects properly the specimen due to its consistency;

on the other hand it reduces
almost all the vapours levels and the strong odours, contributing
to the bio safety of the
user and the environment.

Formaldehyde gel is a ready to
use formulation, with 10% of
formaldehyde, colourless and
with gel consistency and a
pH=7. It's supplied in a wide
range of different size containers
(35% to 40% of container
volume) and in refill bottles
with a dispenser in order to


complete the container volume
to the exact desired volume.
The containers are cylindrical
with wide mouth, double closures
(an inner cap and an outer
screw cap), in high density

Presentations and characteristics



120ml — Ø56 x 71 mm
250ml — Ø69 x 94 mm
500ml — Ø86 x 107 mm
1.000ml — Ø111 x 128 mm
2.000ml — Ø111 x 235 mm

1.000ml refill with pump:
75 x 75 x 250 mm

Composition: water, formol,

Destroy after use.
Warnings: contains formol
gel 10% v/v