water disinfectant tablets for household and industrial use

CLORpur is a preparation in the form of effervescent tablets, developed for the disinfection and protection of water intended for human onsumption.

The use of inorganic chlorine derivatives such as sodium and calcium hypochlorite are very common in this kind of applica-tions.
However, since the 70s, the emergence of chlorinated deri-vatives of organic origin, such as, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDDC) brought significant benefits and safety to the treat-ment of drinking water, disinfec-tion of utensils in industrial and residential áreas as well as disin-fection of floors.

This compound has an effective
action against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycobacteria and spores.

A CLORpur pill added to water in the indicated proportions, eliminates in a few minutes, the microorganisms causing these diseases and continues to protect the water from later conta-mination through it's power of residual disinfection.

Main advantages of chlorine tablets CLORpur:

1. In solution, give rise to solu-tions with pH close to 7, unlike hypochlorite that produces alkaline solutions (pH> 9);

2. Have better and more effec-tive biocidal properties than liquid bleach, especially in the presence of contaminants;


3. Less corrosive than liquid bleach;

4. Easy to store and transport without spillage or leakage .

Presentations and characteristics



370500 — Jar with 15 tablets.
370501— Jar with 200 tablets

Each CLORpur tablet contains 1.7g of sodium dichloroisocyanurate and disinfects 500 liters of water.

Its bactericidal action is 80 to 300 times higher than sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and calcium, being completely harmless to health.

Stable for over 3 years.