The Oral Lactose Tolerance Test is a tool to diagnose
intolerance to lactose or lactose malabsorption

Oral Lactose Tolerance Test

Toplactine is a lactose solution, economical and ready to use. This solution is intended to be used in the lactose tolerance test to diagnose lactose intolerance and/or malabsorption of lactose.

Each 200ml toplactine bottle contains 50g of lactose, the recommended dose for adults in the lactose tolerance test.
toplactine is presented in a plastic bottle, practical and light, and resembles a soda with raspberry flavor and aroma. It is very easy to drink, and even more enjoyable if taken very cold.

toplactine is excellent to administer the exact dosage of lactose required.

Advantages and benefits of toplactine for Laboratories and Health Area Technicians

 Packing ready to use: saves time to the technician and can be used immediately at any time.
Standardized concentration of lactose
 Easy to take
 Nice raspberry flavor
Prolonged storage at room temperature.

In the lactose tolerance test, the usual dose for an adult is a


200ml/50g lactose bottle.

The dose for children is 6.6 ml (1.0 g Lactose) or 13.3 ml (2.0 g Lactose) per kg of body weight.

Presentations and characteristics



850.050 - 50gr/200ml bottle

Shipping boxes with 30 plastic bottles.

purified water, lactose, acidifier, preservatives, raspberry flavor, dye .

Shake before drinking.

Dietetic products for medical purposes.

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