TOPwater - PET

The collection, preservation and transportation of water samples for analysis is one of the critical points in the characterization of a water sample.

General characterístics:

Available capacity: 500 and 1000ml; Raw material: PET crystal (food grade); Inviolable screw cap; label identifying the sample, with large format (easier); Packaging of sterilization wrap with included sterilization indicator, providing greater assurance of the maintenance and status indication of sterility or in a cheaper plastic bag (in this case each bottle has a sterilization indicator strip). Can be supplied with or without sodium thiosulfate; Sterilized by ethylene oxide.

Sodium thiosulfate
The bottles with sodium thiosul-fate are wrapped in a sterlized

mixed sleeve or in a plastic bag.
Supplied in two different con-centrations of sodium thiosulfate, according to the recommendations of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater - 20th Edition: . bottles with 0.8 ml / liter of thiosulfate solution to 10% for highly chlorinated water; . bottles with 0.8 ml / l of thiosulfate solution to 3% for water intended for consumption.

The packaging of mixed sleeve has several advantages: . resistant storage and handling of bottles before use; the presence of sterility indicator shows whether the product was subjected to sterilization; . multiple welding points at the


close of the sleeve, prevents and ensures effectively the inexistence of open spots susceptible to the entry of air, which might affect the sterilization of the product, complying with the requirement of 3mm minimum height of solder.
The plastic bag is a cheaper system while maintaining the necessary security.

Presentations and characteristics


Non Sterile
370005 S— 500cc
370006 S— 1000cc

370005 EP— 500cc
370006 EP— 1000cc
370005 EM— 500cc
370006 EM— 1000cc

Sterile with Sodium Thiosulphate
370005 P— 500cc

370006 P— 1000cc
370005 M— 500cc
370006 M—1000cc

Bottles of 500cc into shipping boxes of 60 units.

Bottles of 1.000cc into shipping boxes of 35 units.