TOPclean - Neutral

The ideal solution for manual cleaning of floors and surfaces


TOPclean Neutral can be used in homes, businesses, clinics, hospitals, health centres, institu-tions for the elderly, for manual cleaning in areas as diverse as: Surfaces (tables, chairs, counter-tops, appliances, tiles, pottery bathroom, walls). Utensils, toys, plastic items, computers, ... Floors (except wood floors).


 Detergent for general use
 Good foaming capacity
 Neutral pH
 Natural and pleasant aroma
 Blue

 Good cleaning power: cleans actively without leaving any trace of vestiges
 Biodegradable
 Phosphate free

Can be used without constraints with hard water

How to use:

TOPclean Neutral can be used with or without dilution.

For heavily soiled surfaces, apply directly on a damp cloth and wipe the cleaning area.

For all other situations: two thin caps of detergent per 10 gallons of water.


The use of hot water enhances the action of the detergent.

TOPclean Neutral is a ready to use solution. 

Presentations and characteristics



680007—5lt jerry can, practical, sturdy and stackable.
Shipping box with 4 units.

680008—Bottle of 1lt, practical and sturdy.

Shipping box with 16 units.

Can be stored at room tem-perature.

Avoid sun exposure.

This product complies with current legislation for this type of product.