Total solution remover of DNA and RNA particles con-taminants of examinations, samples and tests

ZERO DNA is a preparation designed to be used on PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) workstations. Particularly active against DNA contamination on surfaces, instruments and labo-ratory equipment. Ready to use. DNA contamination is a matter of extreme importance to the techniques of high sensitivity PCR. DNA contaminant may cause cross-contamination between samples, resulting in inaccurate data and unreliable results.

Even a single DNA molecule can be detected in the amplification process. Using ZERO DNA, the DNA molecules are completely de-stroyed and removed from any surface.

ZERO DNA must be used before and after PCR analysis.

Decontamination of surfaces (nonporous): Spray Zero DNA directly onto the surface and rub with the help of a paper towel. Then rinse with DNA free water and dry with a clean pa-per towel.

Decontamination of laboratory devices and porous surfaces: Apply ZERO DNA on a paper towel and rub vigorously clean surfaces, appliances or equipments. Rinse then with DNA free water and dry with a towel.

Decontamination of pipettes: Follow the manufacturer's in-structions to disassemble the pipette. Immerse the stem of the pipette, without the seals, in


the zero solution of DNA for one minute. Then rinse with DNA free water, dry and assemble the pipette.
ZERO DNA is easy and convenient to use in a light bottle with a trigger spray.

Non alkaline.
Non carcinogenic.

Presentations and characteristics



680003—250ml bottle with trigger spray

680004—500ml economic refill
Shipping box with 4 units.

Stable for one year.
Can be stored at room tem-perature.

This product complies with current legislation for this type of product.

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