The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is a tool for diagnosing diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes

Detergent with strong degreasing power .
Cleans actively without leaving any traces.

Universal detergent for the removal of heavy and hard de-posits.
Excellent foam production ca-pacity.

For the manual cleaning of:
stainless steels, surgical instru-ments, TLC plates, glass Petri dishes, laboratory / pharmacy glassware,
instruments for the phosphate analysis, enzyme test tubes / vials, distillation vessels,
bottles and jars, milking equipment and mil lines.
For the removal of residues of:

 saliva,

 proteins,

 blood,

 fats,

 wax, ..

Enhancer of the cleaning power of the ultrasonic baths.
Can be used without restrictions with hard water.
Phosphates free.
Free of odours and fragrances, so it doesn't hide important odours and identifiers of the samples, tests and places.
Soluble in water.
Shall not be used in alkaline


sensitive materials and equipments.

The increase of water temperature accelerates and enhances cleaning.

Presentations and characteristics



680001—5lt jerry can practical, sturdy and stackable.
Shipping box with 4 units.
680002—Bottle of 1lt practical and sturdy.

Shipping box with 16 units.

According to the degree of soiling, dilute in 10, 15 or 25% of water.

Can be stored at room tem-perature.
Avoid sun exposure.