The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is a tool for diagnosing diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

This test measures the ability of the body has to metabolize glucose and should always be performed in the presence of a specialist. It's made in the morning after a 12h fasting (at least no morehan 10h and 16h). Accordingly, the patient should drink a glucose solution of known composition, over a period of time that should not exceed 10min. Glucose solutions are presented in 50g, 75g or 100g, and the concentratn to drink is previously defined by the physician or technician, taking into account the situation of the patient.

They make up blood samples in fasting and 30min, 1h, 2h and 3h after ingestion of glucose solution.

TopStar Glucose Solution

It consists of a glucose solution, available in three different concentrations, 50g, 75g and 100g, with Orange or lemon aroma and taste. Served chilled, is very well tolerated by patients with substantial decrease of vomiting. It presents a practical PET packaging - like glass, 200ml capacity, with inviolable screw cap, accompanied by an individually wrapped straw.  

The advantages of using this product are obvious: it is ready to use and eliminates the use of a glass. Moreover, its image, color and appealing flavor, like a soda, make it easier to take, without the connotation of a diagnostic solution.  

Presentations and characteristics


850.001 - 50gr/200ml
850.002 - 75gr/200ml
850.003 - 100gr/200ml

850.004 - 50gr/200ml
850.005 - 75gr/200ml
850.006 - 100gr/200ml

Shipping boxes with 30 bottles

Composition: purified water, glucose, acidifier, aroma, flavor enhancer, dye.

Shake before drinking.

Dietetic products for medical purposes.
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