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Neutralizer of aldehyde products (formaline, gluteraldehyde, orthophtaldehyde).

Volume: 250ml.

Ready to use.
reacts with aldehyde radicals inactivating them and originating a product suitable for disposal in the environment.
It is available and can be used in 2 ways:
-Solid state - 250g packaging suitable for neutralizing up to 4L of 10% formaldehyde (formaline), regardless of provenance and use.
-liquid state - in a spray bottle, ready to use and suitable for neutralizing small spills or accidental splashes.

The ANAPAT NEUTRALIZER acts by releasing NH3 molecules, which react with the aldehyde groups inactivating them.
This reaction results in a rise in pH to around 8, which shows that enough ANAPAT NEUTRALIZER has been added to neutralize the aldehydes.

Available leaflet with all the characteristics of ANAPAT NEUTRALIZER and leaflet with Protocol of Use

Unids per carton = 6.
Minimun quantity = 1 carton.

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