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Antibacterial hairwashing cap with 2% CHG

  • Description:
    The TOPLABS 2% DCHG antibacterial cap is a disinfection, cleaning and prevention product for hair and scalp infections. The active antibacterial compound is 2% chlorhexidine digluconate, 99.99% effective on gram negative and gram positive bacteria. It also has a fungicidal action. The TOPLABS antibacterial cap disinfects and cleans the hair, removing dirt and dead cells from the scalp, gently, without irritating, without the need for water or rinsing. It promotes complete care of the head and scalp in just 5 minutes, in a relaxing way for the patient, providing a pleasant odor to the hair. Unique size. Dermatologically tested. No latex. No alcohol. Single use.
  • Applications:
    Suitable for disinfection and hygiene in pre and post-operative patients, protecting the hair and scalp from environmental infections. It is equally suitable for daily use in bedridden patients, patients in intensive care and those with restricted mobility in capillary cleaning.
  • Action spectrum:
    It has antimicrobial properties against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Fungicide.
  • Usage mode:
    You can use the cap at room temperature or preheat it in a microwave.
    To warm:
    • Remove the cap from the packaging and place it in the microwave for 20 seconds at 700W.
    • Check the cap temperature. This should never exceed 400C.
    To use
    • Place the cap on the head in order to envelop the entire hair and capillary area
    • Gently massage over the entire surface so that the product from the cap is well incorporated into the hair and skin for 3 minutes. If the hair is long, remove the cap from the hair after the previous phase and with the inside of the cap, massage well the length of the hair to the ends.
    • Remove the cap from your head and dispose of it in the trash. If necessary, dry your hair with a towel.
  • Easy and convenient to use.

    Presentation: Individual pack with 1 cap.

    Price => 1 cap with chlorhexidine.

    Units / carton = 75 caps.
    Minimun quantity = 1 carton.

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