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Antibacterial hairwashing cap with 2% CHG - 100 uni
Antibacterial hairwashing cap with 2% CHG

  • Description:
    • TOPLABS %2CHG Antibacterial Body Cleaning Wipes are 99.99% effective on gram negative and gram positive bacteria with chlorhexidine as active ingredients.
    • The product is %99,99 antibacterial, anti-fungicide and anti irritation.
    • It is also a disinfectant product which cleans, cares and prevents (Infection control).
    • It can be used for daily body cleaning in bedridden patients, intensive care patients, and restricted mobility.
    • Pre- and post-operative patients can be used to protect their body from environmental infections.
    • It has a rich content and cleansing effect as well as a professional skin care.
    • It is suitable for frequent use with soft cloth texture and skin-friendly pH grade.
    • Unlike other cleansing products, it does not dry the skin, on the contrary it gives the skin nutrition and handiness. The products are made from soft tissue with three dimensional special fabric applied without irritating the skin. It helps the patient feel better after cleaning with a pleasant smell.
    • Dermatologically tested. No latex. No alcohol. Single use. pH 5.5

  • Formulation:
    • Aqua: It is required for skin, it has a solvent effect.
    • Chlrohexidine Digluconate: A topical anti-microbrial agent and disinfectant used to treat fungus, bacteria and other skin infections. Mainly functions as a biocide, skin care agent and preservative. As a biocidal agent, it helps cleanse the skin and eliminates odor by destroying the growth of microorganisms.
    • Lauryl glucoside: It obtains from Soft surfactant,cleanser and oil of coconut.
    • Polysorbate 20: Fatty acid. Very good dermatological features, o / w non-ionic emulsifier. Softening agent and is used as a thickener. Cream and liquid emulsions are suitable for. Vegetable oils are used as solvents for.
    • Tocopheryl acetate: Vitamin E acetate protects the sun's ultraviolet rays.
    • Aloe Barbadensis extract: Plant has moisturizing, softening, soothing, relieving redness impact.
    • Allantoin: Keratoplasty substance, softening, moisturizing and soothing herb.
    • Panthenol: Vitamin B5, increases the softness of the skin, removing redness and moisturizes.
    • Dimethicone copolyol: creates a barrier layer.
    • Glycerin: Emollient, Humectant.

  • Feature:
    Easy and convenient to use.

    Presentation: Pack with 100 wipes.

    Price => 1 pack of 100 wipes with chlorhexidine.

    Packs / carton = 35 packs of 100 wipes.
    Minimun quantity = 1 carton.